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Forklift Industry – 2013 Year in Review

Forklifts, lift trucks, and industrial trucks were a solid business through 2013. Total worldwide demand grew around 6.5% versus 2012 and global sales exceeded 1,000,000 units for the first time ever.  All major regions saw increased forklift factory shipments. The US and Chinese markets were particularly strong and contributed significantly to the growth in sales. […]


What is a Yard Spotter?

When I ask someone who is not in the industry if they know what a yard spotter is, their typical response is, “…a yard WHAT?”  However, the majority of people have seen these machines and would be surprised how common they are and the wide range of companies that utilize them every day. A yard […]

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Box Car Forklift Guide

A forklift that is designed to fit into box cars has a few unique features you won’t see on other forklifts.  A box car is a rail car or a shipping container that has low vertical clearance and limited horizontal clearance.  Many forklifts that are over 6,000lbs in capacity have difficulty maneuvering in these tight […]

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Choosing Between Electric and IC Forklifts

Check out our guest blog post on East Midlands Forklifts‘ blog.  We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of choosing an electric or an IC forklift. Read the Article. “East Midlands Forklifts are one of the leading suppliers of forklifts in the UK, stocking an extensive range of vehicles from premier manufacturers for sale or hire. […]