Old Hawaiin Shirts To Power Automobiles

Here’s a great case of someone seeing a massive amount of waste and figuring out what to do with it.  Jeplan, a start up company in Japan is extracting ethanol from recycled clothing that could potentially power automobiles.  Jeplan is also extracting polyester fibers that can be reused in new clothing. Check out the full […]

3.5 Million Skilled Manufacturing Jobs to Fill

“The mantra that we’ve lost good-paying jobs to China is exactly wrong,” said Michael Hicks, an economics professor at Ball State University who has studied manufacturing in Indiana. “We’ve lost the bad-paying jobs to China and gained good-paying jobs.” Intrigued? Read more about manufacturing in the US in this article from The Atlantic: America Is […]

Is Maersk Overly Optimistic?

The shipping business as a whole has been losing money this year, but Maersk has been losing less than its competitors. The main problem in the industry is over capacity.  Too many ships are ready to haul too little freight. Source: Bloomberg

Used Cushion Tire Forklifts

Guide – Cushion Tire Forklifts

In forklift vernacular, when someone mentions a “cushion tire” forklift, that typically means an internal combustion engine rider forklift with solid rubber tires. Many other forklifts use solid rubber tires like four wheel electrics and three wheel electrics. But when referring to a “cushion tire” forklift, that is going to be a sit down rider […]

Driverless Trucks Get More Autonomy in China

A lack of restrictions in China is allowing several companies in China to work on developing driverless technologies and vehicles for long haul trucking. Since drivers account for about 40% of the costs a trucking company has, it will can be a huge win if a company can safely figure out the driverless truck and […]

forklift industry quarterly report

Third Quarter 2016 – Forklift Industry Report

Economic Snapshot and Forklift Industry Summary Third quarter headlines were all about the election, but since Mr. Trump doesn’t take office for a few months, we can happily dodge any discussion about the impact his administration will have on the economy. During the third quarter of President Obama’s last full year in office, US real GDP […]