Classic Forklift Friday – 1978 Allis Chalmers ACE 30 LP

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Allis Chalmers, while no longer manufacturing forklifts, started in 1861 as a company that specialized in industrial equipment.  Catering to the times and the period following the industrial revolution, Allis Chalmers produced heavy equipment that aided in manufacturing and production.  Forklift production grew out of this endeavor and a popular forklift brand was born.

This forklift was new the same year Velcro hit the shelves in 1978. It still runs and operates and would be a very affordable addition to any warehouse that needed a forklift for limited use. It is amazing the age of some of these lifts that come through our doors and even more amazing how little the technology has changed in 35 years. The forklift is a design that, for the most part, has been tried and true, staying the same over the course of several decades. In a world where new editions and upgrades come out for many products every day, the material handling industry is a world where we have found what works and have stuck with it.Used Forklift - Allis Chalmers


1978 Allis Chalmers ACE 30 LP
3,000 lb capacity
Cushion tires
Electric powered
36 volt
156″ maximum lift height
42″ forks
2,745 hours

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