Classic Forklift Friday – 1989 Hyster H60XL

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Hyster originated in the northwest region of the United States and gets its roots from the logging and electrical industries.  Hyster is now owned under the parent company Hyster-Yale Material Handling so many of the dealerships will sell both brands of equipment.  They sell forklifts, but also specialize in port equipment such as high capacity forklifts and container handling equipment.

This week’s winner of our Classic Forklift Friday blog has some very nice specs including a cab and an LPS system.  An LPS rating is given to forklifts that have special safety precautionary equipment that make it the LP Gas system less susceptible to catching on fire or exposure.  It includes a shut off valve which is important when using the forklift around volatile chemicals or materials.  A similar rating with an electric, battery-powered forklift would be an EE rating.

The previous owner of this 1989 machine took very good care of it, but they were ready for a new machine which is why they would trade in such a nice forklift.  It has fairly new tires and lower hours which would make it a perfect machine for an application that goes inside and outside, deals with hazardous chemicals, and does not see a lot of usage per week.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this forklift or have any questions.  We would be happy to help.  Have a great weekend!Hyster H60XL

1989 Hyster H60XL
85″ lowered height
177″ maximum lift height
6,000 lb capacity
Solid pneumatic tires
Full cab
LPS rated
Three way valves, but no hosing
No attachments
4,944 hours
LP Gas