Rough Terrain Forklift Guide

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207601 Sellick SD120 Used Forklift
“Rough terrain” forklifts are specialized forklifts that are primarily used outdoors in places like lumberyards, farms, and construction sites.

They are equipped with large pneumatic tires that provide higher ground clearance and allow for better navigation in gravel, dirt, mud and rocks.  The large tires prevent the rough terrain forklift from getting stuck and from being put off balance.  In contrast, a normal pneumatic tire forklift would easily get stuck in mud or soft dirt.

Rough terrain forklifts are equipped with straight masts of ranging lift heights.  Different attachments can be added to the carriage of the rough terrain forklift and a pair of forks are the most common. Other types of “rough terrain” lift trucks use a shooting boom for lifting, but these are very different machines from a rough terrain forklift. These types of lift trucks are commonly called “telehandlers” or “telescopic handlers.”

Since rough terrain forklifts operate outdoors, they are usually equipped with a diesel or a gasoline engine.  The fumes can dissipate outdoors, and diesel will be a common fuel source on many job sites where the rough terrain forklift is used.

Rough terrain forklifts are available in many different sizes with lifting capacities typically ranging from 5,000lbs to 12,000lbs.  You won’t want to confuse the size and price of a rough terrain forklift with that of pneumatic tire forklift.  A rough terrain forklift with 5000lbs lifting capacity will be quite a bit larger than a standard pneumatic tire forklift, and it will cost a lot more too.

Popular manufacturers of rough terrain forklifts are Sellick, JCB, and Case.

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