Lifting From the Future

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Jetlev_JetpackOkay, admittedly this blog is a bit of a stretch to make relevant to forklifts, but these are really cool so here goes nothing…

Jet packs.  Another way to lift and carry something, in this case, yourself.  As a kid, I was probably not unique in that I was fascinated with flying.  Personal powered jet packs, wings, super powers, etc… all found their way into our imaginary games as kids.  I came across this article on CNN Money’s website talking about the very idea I imagined as a kid.  Jet packs, powered by water propulsion lifting the operator 30 feet above the water with the capability of flying as long as there is water being pumped through the engine trailing behind floating on the surface.

You can find videos of these jet packs all over the internet.  Daredevils doing flips, spins, corkscrewing all over the sky, shooting down into the water and then back up again at speeds of over 30 mph.  Awesome.  Don’t let the size of the jet pack fool you though.  These small 30 lb machines that strap onto the operator’s back can cost upwards of a cool $100,000.  Not exactly in the budget for my Christmas shopping this year, but could be a staple of extreme sports at any milder climate vacation spot.