Monday Morning Betting Tips

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Living in northeast Ohio with family in western Pennsylvania makes the development of natural gas very relevant.  I have yet to buy a natural gas powered car or anything like that, but I see the drills and pipes and wonder what is coming next.  I’ve had people come by my house to get signatures to stop the fracking in eastern Ohio and western PA.  I’ve seen the pictures and articles of people lighting their tap water on fire.  However, I’ve also seen gas and oil prices rise and heard people praise the introduction of natural gas into the market.

I came across this article about liquefied natural gas (LNG) this morning and it got me thinking.  The article linked below is a op-ed about why the future of LNG is brighter than some experts have predicted.  There are a couple interesting points the author makes about why he would not bet against LNG.

1.) Countries like China have already made significant investments in LNG and are set up for the benefits LNG provides.  Densely populated Chinese cities suffer from horrible air pollution making living in the cities very dangerous.  LNG burns much cleaner than coal.wearingmasks

2.) The production of LNG is not controlled by OPEC countries.  This could make it easier to purchase and less volatile that oil that is largely controlled by OPEC countries in areas of the world that see a lot of conflict.



Check out the article linked below for the whole story.



Link to Forbes Article