Two Jungheinrich Lift Trucks Win IFOY Award

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At the beginning of the annual CeMAT intralogistics and supply chain conference in Hanover Germay, the International Forklift Truck of the Year Awards are handed out for the best performing, most innovative, safest, and best looking forklift trucks and intralogistics solutions in the industry.

Of the 13 lift trucks and solutions that reached the finals, five winners took home the prize in five different categories.

  1. Counter Balanced Truck up to 3.5 tons – went to the BYD ECB18C three wheel electric forklift.  BYD is a Chinese manufacturer of BYD ECB18Cforklifts who introduced the ECB18C to the European market in December 2015.  The ECB18C is a unique 80 volt lithium-ion battery powered forklift with an advanced battery that can charge very quickly and at anytime during the day without imparting memory. The forklift can simply be charged during breaks so it can easily handle all three shifts without an extended charging time.
  2. Warehouse Truck – Lowlifter – went to the Crown RT 4020 stand-up rider pallet truck. This tiny pallet Crown RT4020 Pallet Jacktruck can move easily in tight spaces and is safer than other walk-behind and rider pallet jacks because of the enclosed operator compartment. Crown is a US based major manufacturer of most types of lift trucks. Crown is best known for manufacturing electric narrow aisle lift trucks.
  3. Warehouse Truck – Highlifter – goes to the Jungheinrich EKX 516 man-up turret Jungheinrich EKX516 turret truck forklifttruck. This type of forklift is only used in narrow aisles and can be used for full pallet storage and removal as well as order picking by the operator. Jungheinrich won the award partly based on improvements made in power use and a vibration dampening system. Jungheinrich is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lift trucks and is headquartered in Germany. The Jungheinrich line is distributed by Cat lift truck dealers in the US and Canada.
  4. Special Vehicle – awarded to the Jungheinrich EJQ 325 which was speciallyJungheinrich EJQ 325Y designed and developed for use by the Deutsche Bahn rail company for loading and separating train wheel sets. The EJQ 325 won the IFOY award because of the complexity and utility of the design and because it is a machine that has not yet been seen in the material handling industry.
  5. Intralogistics Solution – SSI Schaefer’s Weasel at Next Level Logistik GmbH in-plant fleet solution. Theweasel Weasel is a driverless transport system, also known as an automated guided vehicle. The IFOY picked the SSI Schaefer Weasel because of low investment costs and for the vehicle’s potential in Industry 4.0 and the changing landscape of warehouse logistics.

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