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How to Safely Use a Forklift

Forklift Safety Tips Forklift trucks contribute to many warehouse and factory injuries throughout the year. Although the percentage of accidents by forklifts is not as high as other pieces of equipment, most forklift accidents can be catastrophic. Following these guidelines can help drivers safely operate their lift trucks. 1. Examine machine prior to operation Before […]

Classic Forklift Friday – 1987 Raymond 31-R30TT

It is always fun to review a forklift that shares the same birthday.  This Raymond reach truck is a certainly a classic as it celebrated 27 years this year.  Unfortunately, this lift was a little too old and beat up to sell again after it was traded in to National Warehouse, but it is nonetheless […]

Tennant Scrubber

What Kind of Machine Am I?

This old machine came from one of our customers. Presumably it’s been in continuous use for some years and finally gave up. Either that or it’s been sitting in a corner somewhere for a while and the customer decided to get rid of it. This machine showed up in our warehouse last week and caught […]

Caterpillar T50C Forklift

Classic Forklift Friday – 1984 Caterpillar T50C

In 1984 the average movie ticket was $2.50, a gallon of gasoline would set you back $1.10, Sony made the first floppy disk, and MTV started their music awards.  1984 was also the year Caterpillar manufactured this forklift and the lucky star of this week’s Class Forklift Friday. The Caterpillar T50C is a distant ancestor […]

TCM Classic Forklift

Classic Forklift Friday – 2 for 1!!!

It has been a couple weeks since our last Classic Forklift Friday post, not because of negligence, but because of a lack of “classic-worthy” machines.  However, it is true that a drought precedes a storm and this week we will be reviewing not one, but TWO classic forklifts.  Christmas came early.  So without further adieu, […]

187789 Hyster H60XL used forklift

Classic Forklift Friday – 1989 Hyster H60XL

Hyster originated in the northwest region of the United States and gets its roots from the logging and electrical industries.  Hyster is now owned under the parent company Hyster-Yale Material Handling so many of the dealerships will sell both brands of equipment.  They sell forklifts, but also specialize in port equipment such as high capacity […]

Used Forklift - Allis Chalmers

Classic Forklift Friday – 1978 Allis Chalmers ACE 30 LP

Allis Chalmers, while no longer manufacturing forklifts, started in 1861 as a company that specialized in industrial equipment.  Catering to the times and the period following the industrial revolution, Allis Chalmers produced heavy equipment that aided in manufacturing and production.  Forklift production grew out of this endeavor and a popular forklift brand was born. This […]

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Caterpillar V50C

Classic Forklift Friday – 1982 Caterpillar V50C

It is not too often we get a trade-in of this age in such nice condition. The owner of this machine took excellent care of this forklift and was likely part of their organization since it was brand new way back in….1982!!! That’s right, this forklift is 31 years old and still runs like a […]