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Walgreen’s Distribution Center Video

Here is a video from 2013 of the Walgreen’s warehouse, I found it very interesting. They implemented a program that promotes the hiring of those with disabilities and allows them to work side by side with other employees who are not disabled. This is a rare thing to find in any industry but especially in […]

Panama Canal Video

We all know about the Panama canal and how it has changed the transportation of goods in the Americas, but were you aware that they are currently expanding the canal? Information about the expansion and more can be found in this interesting short clip below! Also related but not changed since 1984, is this anthem.

Friday Picture of The Day

Recently we took this amazing photo of this Liftmaster over looking the Cleveland Skyline. We thought it was such a good picture that we decided to give it its own post this Friday! (Click on the photo to get a larger image)

Are You Smarter Than An Octopus?

We all have either seen an octopus at an aquarium or even out at sea, but do you know just how smart these invertebrates are? Chances are they wouldn’t beat you in a game of scrabble, but these creatures can do a lot of other really interesting things. 1. When placed in a jar they […]

Industrial Workers Of The World

Today, June 27th 2015, we celebrate the Industrial Workers of the World. Often times these employees get over looked and find it hard to get engaged in their work. In order to honor this day we have posted a video of how to keep your employees engaged from the Harvard Business Review. Hopefully you find […]

Its that time of the year!

Everyone from Northern Ohio (especially those of us who live by the lake) know that the summer months not only bring higher temperatures but also Mayflies. For those not familiar with these bugs, consider yourself lucky to have not experienced their swarming nature. Sometimes they even come in packs so big that they actually disrupt […]

It’s A Stand Off

We all know that kids can be trapped in school because of inclement weather but when was the last time you heard a moose causing a school lockdown? Well if you go to Shadle Park High School in Washington State then you are quite familiar with this circumstance. On Thursday of last week students at […]

Let the games begin!

“Forklift rodeo” two words that you typically do not associate with one another, right? Well this is not the case for employees at Dot Foods who annually compete in a timed obstacle course around their warehouse. Just what does this look like? Well checkout some footage from their 2009 competition. Employees fight their way through different […]