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Material Handling Automation – July 2017

Robots in Motion Do you have an unconditional fear of robots? If so, July 2017 was not a good month for you. Automated material handling made a huge step forward when a €1 million deal was struck between Gebr. Heinemann and Oslo Gardermoen Airport, introducing the world’s first automated, laser-controlled, AGV material transport system. Designed […]

Revival in the Rustbelt?

A new book, The Smartest Places on Earth, claims some of America’s industrial cities whose glory days are behind them may see a renaissance in the years to come due to smart products and collaborative development. We all know that quite a lot of manufacturing has moved overseas in search of lower labor costs.  Many of […]

Auto Industry Disruption

Automotive Industry Ripe For Disruption

The automotive industry has always been a story of disruption. Cars were quite a breakthrough when they were first introduced.  Henry Ford then made them affordable for everyone and completely disrupted manufacturing along the way.  The highway system disrupted cities and the way many modern humans live and interact. Among other major disruptions were the […]