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Is Maersk Overly Optimistic?

The shipping business as a whole has been losing money this year, but Maersk has been losing less than its competitors. The main problem in the industry is over capacity.  Too many ships are ready to haul too little freight. Source: Bloomberg

Time to Hit the Road!

Looking for a job? How about driving a truck?  The American Trucking Association estimates there will be a shortage of 48,000 truck drivers by the end of this year and that number will continue to grow over the next several years.  That means trucking companies need drivers bad. And that means if you’re a driver […]

AGV’s at Toyota

AGV’s or automated guide vehicles could be the future for many industries. As seen in the video below Toyota has implemented them into their production lines, which has allowed them to become much more efficient. Using AGV’s is safer and quicker for almost every industry. Rather then using people, an AGV has a program placed […]

How Far We Have Come

Warehouse’s have come a long way since their first introduction during the industrial era. However with the introduction of the internet we have seen a rapid change in the speed in which things are demanded, largely effecting warehouses. How have warehouses and warehouse management systems been able to keep up with this ever increasing speed? […]

Monday Morning Betting Tips

Living in northeast Ohio with family in western Pennsylvania makes the development of natural gas very relevant.  I have yet to buy a natural gas powered car or anything like that, but I see the drills and pipes and wonder what is coming next.  I’ve had people come by my house to get signatures to […]

Automation In The News

Will Robots Help or Replace? As robots get better at performing fine motor skills and connecting with input data, they can be used in places where humans only worked before. Fetch Robotics has a couple robots that help pick orders that are made up of the things we buy online everyday.  One of the robots […]

The Largest Container Port in The World – Shanghai Yangshan

The largest container port in the world calls the coast of Shanghai home. In 2013 the Yanghsan deep-water port handled 33,617,000 TEUs, that’s twenty foot equivalent container units.  Check out this great National Geographic video that documents the construction of the port and the ocean-bridge that connects the port with the mainland.

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Five Beliefs of Resource Productivity

Haven’t heard of resource productivity?  It’s really just another way of saying “do more with less” or “do the same with less.”  Which in a world of resource scarcity is a good thing to talk about. In Resource-Productive Operations: Five Core Beliefs to Increase Profits Through Leaner and Greener Manufacturing Operations, Markus Hammer and Ken […]

This Just In…Port of Miami is Awesome.

For those that don’t read and memorize all of my blog posts, I had the rare opportunity to step foot inside a working US port a couple weeks ago.  The Port of Miami is an awe-inspiring place especially for a salesperson who sells port equipment and other material handling equipment.  If you ever have the […]

Milestone for the Monster Port of Singapore

In a couple weeks I have the treat to tour the port in Miami, FL.  Normally you would have to have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card in order to access the grounds on a US port.  Not the easiest process to go through, but we are going to a conference so they are making […]