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Revival in the Rustbelt?

A new book, The Smartest Places on Earth, claims some of America’s industrial cities whose glory days are behind them may see a renaissance in the years to come due to smart products and collaborative development. We all know that quite a lot of manufacturing has moved overseas in search of lower labor costs.  Many of […]

Walgreen’s Distribution Center Video

Here is a video from 2013 of the Walgreen’s warehouse, I found it very interesting. They implemented a program that promotes the hiring of those with disabilities and allows them to work side by side with other employees who are not disabled. This is a rare thing to find in any industry but especially in […]

Improving Logistics

Drones have long been considered “the shipping process of the future”, but how exactly do they find their way to your location? Well thanks to a new British start-up company called Locpin these machines will have a much easier task on their hands. Locpin is a free service that allows people to give a unique […]

AGV’s at Toyota

AGV’s or automated guide vehicles could be the future for many industries. As seen in the video below Toyota has implemented them into their production lines, which has allowed them to become much more efficient. Using AGV’s is safer and quicker for almost every industry. Rather then using people, an AGV has a program placed […]

Forklift Battery Supplier Expanding

Here at National Warehouse Equipment we are quite familiar with forklift batteries and recognize that Plug Power is a growing name in our industry. Recently many financial sites have rated Plug Power as a buy or company to watch as they attempt to expand their market. But how exactly are they expanding? And what is […]

More on Industry 4.0 from The Boston Consulting Group

The concept of Industry 4.0 is pretty new to me.  I haven’t heard the digital concepts of “the cloud” and “the internet of things” referred to as the next industrial revolution until recently. So I’ve been keeping an eye out for articles and references to it. It seems like this latest industrial revolution won’t have the clarity […]

Five Beliefs of Resource Productivity

Haven’t heard of resource productivity?  It’s really just another way of saying “do more with less” or “do the same with less.”  Which in a world of resource scarcity is a good thing to talk about. In Resource-Productive Operations: Five Core Beliefs to Increase Profits Through Leaner and Greener Manufacturing Operations, Markus Hammer and Ken […]

US Manufacturing Rebound a Virtual ‘Myth’: Study

Despite what you hear in the news, or read in the headlines, this is an interesting article about a recent study done by the non-partisan Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, about the claimed “Manufacturing Renaissance” going on in the United States. Is what we are being told actually true? Is the renaissance real, or is […]