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How to Safely Use a Forklift

Forklift Safety Tips Forklift trucks contribute to many warehouse and factory injuries throughout the year. Although the percentage of accidents by forklifts is not as high as other pieces of equipment, most forklift accidents can be catastrophic. Following these guidelines can help drivers safely operate their lift trucks. 1. Examine machine prior to operation Before […]

Five Beliefs of Resource Productivity

Haven’t heard of resource productivity?  It’s really just another way of saying “do more with less” or “do the same with less.”  Which in a world of resource scarcity is a good thing to talk about. In Resource-Productive Operations: Five Core Beliefs to Increase Profits Through Leaner and Greener Manufacturing Operations, Markus Hammer and Ken […]

What To Get Your Forklift Guy Or Gal For The Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is almost time to figure out what you will be getting that special Forklift Guy or Gal for Christmas this year. You will know better than any of us whether an actual useful gift, or some sort of gag type gift will be more fitting for your loved […]

How Google Works

Two parts of this presentation really stand out to me: 1. it’s all about hiring the right people; 2. communication in a company should default to “open.”  Without great people even the best ideas and best thought out systems will struggle.  And closed communications and a “whisper culture” ruins morale, leads to in-fighting, jealousy, and […]

Do You Know How To Buy a Quality Forklift?

Have you wondered what makes one forklift different from another? Forklifts seem to look almost identical and they do the same thing, so what could be so different among them? When we get past appearances we see that forklifts can in fact be very different from one another.  And you can expect performance between different brands […]

Work Place Phone Etiquette Tips

A majority of our time in the forklift industry is spent on a telephone.  Whether you are an inside or outside salesperson, a manager trying to purchase new equipment, or the administrator trying to properly direct an incoming call, the phone plays an integral part in the success of our business. The business of buying […]

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ISO’s 6 Standardized Pallet Dimensions

ISO Standard 6780: Flat pallets for intercontinental materials handling – principal dimensions and tolerances. Dims in Inches (w x L) Dims in mm (W x L) Region Used 48.00″ x 48.00″ 1219mm x 1016mm North America 39.37″ x 47.24″ 1000mm x 1200mm UK & Asia 44.88″ x 44.88″ 1165mm x 1165mm Australia 42.00″ x 42.00″ […]


Main Warehouse Activities as Percentage of Total Cost

Warehouses have typically been viewed as cost centers. But it seems that with the rise of e-commerce, many companies are thinking of warehouses as part of their value chain.  They understand that the warehouse can be a competitive advantage when it comes to product availability, delivery time, and delivery accuracy. Compare shopping on Amazon to […]