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Used Cushion Tire ForkliftsCushion Tire Forklifts – Cushion Tire Used Forklifts are primarily meant for indoor use on smooth surfaces. They most commonly run on LP Gas, but can also be configured to run on diesel, gasoline, and CNG.  Cushion tire forklifts are often used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, machine shops, recycling centers, and many other large and small businesses.


Used Pneumatic Tire ForkliftsPneumatic Tire Forklifts – Pneumatic Tire Used Forklifts are versatile machines that can be used indoors and outdoors. These forklifts shouldn’t be confused with rough terrain forklifts that can drive through deep gravel, mud, and uneven surfaces.  Pneumatic tire forklifts are meant for a smoother ride over semi-rougher surfaces like uneven concrete, asphalt, or packed gravel.


Used Four Wheel Electric ForkliftFour Wheel Electrics – Four Wheel Electric Used Forklifts are gaining in popularity because of their low emissions, long run times, and reduced lifetime maintenance costs.  Many different types of operations such as beverage distributors, warehouses, and chemical processors use electric rider forklifts. Most electric rider forklifts use 36, 48, or 80 volt batteries.


Used Three Wheel Electric ForkliftsThree Wheel Electrics – Three Wheel Electric Used Forklifts are versatile machines that are great for unloading trailers, and moving pallets over long distances. Three wheel electrics are usually fast and have a short turning radius, making them an ideal forklift for use in high volume applications with tight spaces.


Used Narrow Aisle Reach TrucksReach Trucks – Reach Trucks are used in narrow aisle warehouse applications for pallet storage and retrieval. Reach trucks are electric forklifts with a carriage that can reach out to a pallet and lift it up. The reach function allows the forklift to have a smaller footprint so that it can work in narrower aisles.



Used Electric Order PickersOrder Pickers – Electric Order Pickers are forklift trucks that are used in warehouse applications. The operator rides on a platform that can be raised and lowered so that the operator can “pick” product from racking and place it on the pallet the is on the order pickers forks. Order pickers are meant for use in dry warehouses with smooth floors.



Used Stand Up Electric ForkliftsStand Up Electric – Stand-Up Electric Used Forklifts are great for use in high volume docking operations.  The stand up electric forklift is also very convenient for applications where the forklift operator must get on and off the forklift frequently. Stand up electric forklifts look somewhat like reach trucks, but they do not have a reach function and are longer than a reach truck.


used electric walkie pallet jackPallet Jacks – Pallet Jacks are small but they are mighty. Most can lift over 4000lbs, and some can even lift 8000lbs. Electric pallet jacks usually use 24 volt batteries and can have either an on-board charger or an external charger. Pallet jacks can be only walk behind or they can be equipped with a riding platform, which is convenient for farther travel distances.


Used Rough Terrain ForkliftsRough Terrain – Rough Terrain Used Forklifts are outdoor machines that are used in industries like construction, oil and gas, and farming. They usually have diesel engines and can be equipped with either two or four wheel drive. Rough terrain forklifts’ large treaded tires help them navigate uneven and muddy terrain where other forklifts would quickly get stuck.


Used High Capacity Lift TrucksHigh Capacity Lift Trucks – High Capacity Forklifts and lift trucks range in lift capacities from 17,500lbs to more than 100,000lbs. These large forklifts are commonly found in the steel, oil and gas, and block and concrete industries. They can have either pneumatic or cushion tires and can run on diesel, gasoline, and occasionally LP Gas.