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Forklifts and material handling equipment are a mainstay of the world’s industrial economy. Forklifts are working behind the scenes every day to move barrels of oil, car parts, finished goods, concrete, building materials and more. Without lift trucks the world’s goods would stand still.

There are many different types of forklifts that are used in a long list of different applications.  For instance, you may find a high capacity diesel forklift in a steel mill lifting and stacking ingots.  Or you might find a high-tech electric reach truck operating in a world-class distribution center warehouse.  The number of businesses that use forklifts is nearly endless.

Many forklift users buy, rent and lease new forklifts and many buy used forklifts as well.  Some forklifts can have useful lives of 20 years and more, so it makes sense to consider a used forklift. National Warehouse Equipment carries a broad range of used forklifts from all of the major manufacturers.  We have full refurbishing capabilities and can ship a forklift anywhere in North America and beyond.

We look forward to helping visitors to our site find information about forklifts and material handling equipment, and with purchasing a used forklift.


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