Classic Forklift Friday – 1988 Hyster S40BP

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Hyster S40BP 3It might not be the best idea to paint a forklift white when it is going to be used in a typical forklift environment.  If you have seen and been around forklifts you will notice that they can sometimes receive a beating.  Drivers rub and scrap up against other forklifts, walls, products cause the paint to chip, decals to tear, and cosmetics of the machine to suffer.  White on a forklift can be like painting a dirt bike white.

However, this 25 year old Hyster could not be in nicer condition for a forklift.  The paint is completely redone, the seat cushions look brand new (but vintage), and the overall cosmetic appearance is excellence.  Based on the age of this machine, chances are it may have been more of a decorative piece in a warehouse rather than your typical workhouse warehouse forklift.

In today’s forklift market, sideshift is an option that will come standard on almost all forklifts.  It can either be a separate attachment or it could be built into the forklift carriage in which case it is called integral sideshift.  Historically, that was not always the case.  A lot of standard forklift orders did not have the third function or sideshift.  Luckily, for the owner of this forklift, adding sideshift is not too difficult an endeavor to undertake.  As you can see in the picture to the side, someone added a hose reel to the side of the mast.  This enables a sideshift attachment to be mounted to the carriage giving the operator the ability to move the load laterally from the driver compartment.

At a quarter of a century, this lift is still in excellent operating condition.  While it may be too old to add toHyster S40BP 2 someone’s traditional fleet, it is still a great looking lift and a good window into what warehouse forklifts used to be like and how little they have changed in some ways.


1988 Hyster S40BP

15′ maximum lift height

3,550 lb capacity

5,218 hours

Sideshift attachment with hose reel

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2 Responses to “Classic Forklift Friday – 1988 Hyster S40BP”

  1. brett August 19, 2016 at 12:35 am #

    would you happen to have the serial number of this unit it is located on the tag on the inside firewall left usually

  2. Andrew Guild August 19, 2016 at 7:47 am #

    Thanks for the comment. We don’t have this machine any more.