10 Industry and Business News Links – Nov 13th

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1. Electric Cars Give Rise to a Recharging Industry – NYTimes.com

2. “A Real American Story”: Why the Fracking Revolution Happened Here – finance.yahoo.com

3. Cars That Drive Themselves Will Have Some Awesome Consequences – Forbes.com

4. Manage Misfortune, Expand When You Can – AutoNews.com

5. How To Develop A Multi-Skilled Workforce: Learning To Do More With Less – Manufacturing.net

6. US Economy Grows At A Surprising Rate in 3Q – Manufacturing.net

7. How Credit Worthy is America, Inc.? – HBR.org

8. 6th Annual Survey: With Warehouse/DC Experience Comes Reward – Modern Materials Handling

9. Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Nov. 8, 2013 – Supply Chain Digest

10. Apple’s $10.5B on Robots to Lasers Shores Up Supply Chain – Bloomberg

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