Classic Forklift Friday – 2 for 1!!!

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It has been a couple weeks since our last Classic Forklift Friday post, not because of negligence, but because of a lack of “classic-worthy” machines.  However, it is true that a drought precedes a storm and this week we will be reviewing not one, but TWO classic forklifts.  Christmas came early.  So without further adieu, here are two extra special Classic Forklifts.

Our first classic forklift is extra special because it is so old records of the year of manufacture are almost impossible to find.  The model number of this forklift precedes any electronic record of manufacture year.  TCM is based out of Japan and has a lot of success in the United States especially since being grouped under the name, Unicarriers.  Other brand names associated with that parent company are Nissan and Barrett.  While basically obsolete in most of today’s warehouse applications, this forklift is still in surprisingly good condition.  Clearly another example of a valued piece of a warehouse equipment, but was finally replaced by a new or newer forklift.

Year unknown

TCM VM330-322TCM Classic Forklift

83″ lowered, 130″ maximum lift height

Sideshift attachment

42″ forks

6,020 hours

LP Gas powered

Cushion tires

3,500 lb capacity




Our second Classic Forklift winner takes us in a different direction.  An electric stand-up forklift also known as a “docker” this Yale is still a popular type of machine.  However, a docker with a two stage mast and without sideshift is essentially useless in most warehouse applications similarly to the TCM forklift above.  That being said, once again, the previous owner of this forklift took excellent care of it.  Getting PMs regularly and being diligent with service can extend the life of any forklift in your application.

1987 Yale ESC025ABN24SF083Yale classic forklift

83″ lowered, 128″ maximum lift height

No attachment

42″ forks

2,960 hours

Battery powered

24 volt

Cushion tires

2,500 lb capacity

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