Port of Cleveland Welcomes First Cargo Ship

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Fantuzzi CLEEarlier this month, National Warehouse Equipment delivered a Fantuzzi container handler to the Port of Cleveland.  Cleveland has been in the news recently for the opening of it’s port in accepting international cargo ships.  Its location on Lake Erie and accessibility to the St Lawrence seaway makes it a great option for shipping companies.  Shipping companies will see the Port of Cleveland as a great option not only for its location inland, but for its lack of congestion.  Ships will have an easier time getting loaded and unloaded as the Port can dedicate a significant amount of time and man power to each ship.

The maiden arrival to the Port of Cleveland was a Belgian ship called Fortunagracht (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) over Easter weekend.  It was promptly unloaded and loaded again headed back to Europe.  The article and story in the link below shows several pictures including our Fantuzzi container handler doing what it is supposed to do, handling containers.

Forklifts and material handling machines are so vital to the operation of ports all over the world.  If you don’t believe me go to Google Maps and search for a port, try Port of Long Beach in California.  Use the satellite imagery and zoom in.  Now look around and try to count the number of forklifts, container handlers, and yard spotters.  Ports spend millions and millions of dollars on these machines because they are worth every penny.  Without the right equipment ships would be delayed and shipping companies would move their route to another location.  The livelihood of the port, the city, and the thousands of people who work on the ports depends on the equipment to unload and load quickly, safely, and efficiently.

This lends to the eventual growth of the Port of Cleveland.  Ships can off load closer to the Midwest than the east coast ports allow.  This should allow for quicker delivery and shipping times to cities farther inland.  The opening of the Port of Cleveland to cargo ships will do wonders for the economy as well.  Shipping companies, material handling companies, and logistics companies should be able to see the opportunity for growth and invest in the port and city.  An international cargo shipping lane will complement Cleveland’s steel manufacturing and rail system that already supplements the Cleveland economy.  As traffic continues to increase the port will require more resources meaning more jobs and more machines invested into keeping the port a preferred destination.

National Warehouse Equipment recognizes the importance of port equipment.  We stock a large number of Ottawa and Capacity yard spotters for all applications including ports.  We have the Fantuzzi container handler being rented at the Port of Cleveland and several other large capacity forklifts all over the country.  In Los Angeles we have a 70,000 lb capacity Kalmar forklift, model DCD320-9LB.  This machine was used to unload and load large steel plates on and off ships.  It is currently for sale on the west coast, but could be shipped anywhere in the world thanks to the types of ports it was once employed on!