2009 Hoist P1100 Comes to Cleveland

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HoistDelivery (4)There are only 5 of these in the entire United States.  A machine that can lift 110,000 lbs is not something that you can see everyday and National Warehouse Equipment had this one delivered Tuesday afternoon on a 10 axle truck that had two civilian escorts and a police escort.  No two ways about it, this is a HUGE machine.

As you can see from the picture, the mast and carriage had to be removed for freight.  The mast and carriage weigh around 40,000 lbs and the chassis weighs over 96,000 lbs.  When the mast and carriage arrived we realized we did not have a forklift on site that could lift them so we had to improvise and use 3 separate lifts to unload the mast and carriage.

Forklift guys like us get very excited about machines like this because of the rarity and the sheer mechanical marvel of a machine that can do what this truck was designed to do.  While most of our forklifts are outfitted with forks, this machine has a giant carriage contraption that is used as a sling to carry around 25ft tall reels of cable.  In the picture to the right you can see that chains are attached to the top of the carriage attachment and fastened to the spool for transport.U28842-P1100 (2)

If you look carefully you will see that their is a “jumper” seat on either side of the cab.  Those seats are for two spotters who help with the hook-up of the spools.  Once everything is attached, the spotters ride in the jumper seats as a safety precaution so they driver does not have to worry about hitting the people on the ground!

A good question would be, can a machine like this be used for anything else with that attachment?  The answer is yes, BUT it is an expensive changeover.  The machine would need forks, a new carriage with a sideshifting fork positioner attachment, and the hydraulic hosing from Hoist in order to be outfitted as a traditional forklift.  Another popular option for a machine with this kind of capacity is to attach a coil ram on the front used to handle large coils of steel.  Steel yards, oil fields, and ports all have the type of need that would utilize a machine this size.

Give us a call at National Warehouse Equipment if you happen to need a machine this size.  Now that the machine is in Cleveland at our yard we would love to set up an appointment with you to inspect and check out this mammoth truck!

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