The Craziness That Is Fantasy Football

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With the NFL regular season about to start, most offices in America know what that means. It is Fantasy Football Season!

This is a time of year when an estimated 24.3 million people in North America start to purchase their cheat books, and begin to spend their free time both in, and out of work, researching for the next hidden gem that will win them the cash prize.

Every “Arm Chair Quarterback” will think they know more about the game of football than all of their friends combined, as well as every general manager in the NFL. They will spend a lot of hours over the next 20 weeks watching every player on their team, showing no loyalty to the team they grew up rooting for as a kid.

It is probably fair to say that in most offices, employees will be doing a decent amount of this research on company time.

There was a recent study done by a Chicago based firm named Challenger, Gray and Christmas that states Fantasy Football is costing employers billions of dollars in lost work productivity. They used the Bureau of Labor Statistics number of $19.33 as an hourly wage average. They also took unemployment into account, and only used 22.3 million employees.

With an average Fantasy Football player spending just one hour a week on managing, and changing their roster while at work, that would equal out to $430.9 million per week in lost productivity. Take that number, and multiply is by the standard 15 week season of a fantasy football league, and you get roughly $6.5 billion dollars of lost productivity in just 15 weeks across the US.

Crazy to consider when it is actually put down on paper.


The Fantasy Sports Trade Association, (YES! There really is such a thing) reported that in 2012, there was approx. $1.67 Billion spent on fantasy football. This is a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSRTY!! Did you know there is actually an insurance company that will insure fantasy players, in case they go down for the year due to injury? For just 10% per $100 insured, they will cover your league fees if a star player goes down with an injury.

If you listen closely, I think every “Comic Book Nerd” across the country just fake coughed the word “losers” under their breath. In my opinion, Fantasy Football has found a way to bring together both the “jocks” and the “nerds” for a battle of wits.

To prove my point, below is an interesting breakdown of the Fantasy Demographics from the FSTA:





  1. Show Me Your TDs
  2. Da Bears
  3. Mean Machine
  4. Bulldogs
  5. Cowboys
  6. Steel Curtain
  7. Turn Down For Watt
  8. Big Blue
  9. Raiders
  10. Broncos

Here are 2 links to sites that lists the “Best” Funny Fantasy Football names:


If you are new to the whole Fantasy Football craze, here are the 2 host sites that are considered the most popular for you to use according to most every site you google.

  1. Yahoo Sports
  2. ESPN Fantasy Football

Ever wonder who is the “Greatest” Fantasy Football player EVER? Well, according to, it is Marshall Faulk. Rounding out the top ten since 1995 are; LaDainian Tomlinson, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Brett Favre, Shaun Alexander, Peyton Manning, Terrell Owens, Tony Gonzalez, and Torry Holt. These rankings will probably vary depending on if your league values PPR or depending on how many points your QB gets for throwing a touchdown.

Here is a link to a website that honors the “WORST” Fantasy pick ever. They have it broken down by year, and average draft position ranking of that year. I will bet this brings back some bad memories for a ton of Fantasy Football Lifers.

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