Mapping Freight – Where Does it All Go?

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Here at National Warehouse Equipment we move a lot of full truck loads and less than truck load freight.  We see several truck drivers every day who are driving to all parts of the country moving all types of freight that you could imagine.  We often wonder where the heck all these drivers are coming from and where they are going.  It’s bewildering how many trucks are out on the road moving all types of goods.

The Brookings Institution says there is a gap in our understanding about the main corridors of this freight. They say if we know more about where this freight mainly goes then we can have a lot better infrastructure plan in the US.  Makes sense to me.  Here are a couple highlights and a really cool graph.

  • $16.2 trillion in domestic and international goods move through the largest metro areas every year.
  • 10% of the trade corridors in the US move 79% of all goods.
  • 77% of freight moves between states.

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Mapping Freight

Mapping Freight – Brookings Institution


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