Ironman – The Human Forklift

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FORTIS5-edit1-1024x681We all know how useful forklifts can be when doing heavy lifting.  They are used in almost every application imaginable, but can be a little cumbersome when lifting smaller items like hand tools.  Lockheed Martin is experimenting with a way to turn humans into forklifts using new suits called Fortis, designed to increase their lifting power.

Check out the article and video below on CNN Money.

The suit uses counterweights and weight transference to assist human workers that have to use heavy hand tools for extended amounts of time turning a 30 lb power tool nearly weightless for the worker.  While a little awkward and probably expensive to manufacture, using the tool in the video would be almost impossible for an 8 hour shift without the Fortis Ironman suit.


Fortis Suit