Amazon and Robot Armies

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One of our guys heard this story on NPR on the drive into work this morning.  Amazon is using Kiva robots to move shelves of over 3,500,000 items around an approximately 1,000,000 square foot warehouse in California.  Wondering how they work?  Check out the picture above a little closer…

The entire shelf in the middle of the picture is being moved!  If you look closer you can see that one of the robots is under the entire shelf.  Look to the left.  Those robots are moving those shelves as well.  Imagine how much space Amazon is saving by having tiny aisle spaces.  The robots go under the shelves and move them as total units to a sorting area where humans can pick from the shelves.  It saves time, space, money, AND the legs and bodies of the people that would otherwise have to trek all over massive warehouses like this one lugging around your Christmas gifts.

For more information on this warehousing ideas and to hear the full story, click on the link below to NPR’s website.


NPR Link to Amazon’s Robot Army