This Just In…Port of Miami is Awesome.

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For those that don’t read and memorize all of my blog posts, I had the rare opportunity to step foot inside a working US port a couple weeks ago.  The Port of Miami is an awe-inspiring place especially for a salesperson who sells port equipment and other material handling equipment.  If you ever have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and take a guided tour inside a port.  In this blog, I’ve embedded several pictures I took.  Some were inside a bus in areas we were not allowed to walk and some were outside the bus.

In the picture above, you’ll see 7 enormous cranes along the side of the port.  The Port of Miami has 13 of these monstrosities.  The newest four of them were delivered together, all put together on one ship from China…total delivered cost?  $42 million…


I love this picture.  It shows the sheer size of the crane compared to a container, the ship next to it, and the yard spotter.  The white posts directly behind the cab of the spotter is one of the lower supports of the crane.  Scroll up to see what the lower post looks like when the whole crane is in view.  The operators of the crane get paid by the container they load and our tour guide said they will load about 36 containers an hour.  That’s moving!


In this picture you can see the line of yard spotters getting ready to unload.  It’s like a giant game of The Claw.  Remember the game in restaurants and bars where you maneuver a claw to try and snag a toy and drop it in the opening?  If you were good at this game and need a job call the port.  The spotters with containers were lined up about 6-7 deep behind the one about to be unloaded.


We had the chance to witness a top pick container handler in action not 50 feet from us!  This Taylor picked the container off the trailer, raised it up, and swiveled around.  With a capacity of about 100,000 lbs it can handle anything a legal container would throw at it!  We have a Kalmar top pick for sale.  Let us know if you want more information.  They are amazing machines!


Here are about 5-6 Taylor machines parked off to the side.  These machines cost upwards of $300,000 brand new.  That’s an expensive picture!  Especially since they are just sitting there not making money.  Don’t worry though, in the couple hours we were on site I saw over 20 of these doing work and moving containers.  We saw over 100 yard spotters as well as many container handlers and forklifts.  Awesome trip.