The Fourth Industrial Revolution – According to Google Exec

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Speaking at Promat 2015 Renee Niemi, Global Business Leader at Google, pronounced that we are moving into the fourth industrial revolution – The Digital Revolution.

The first three revolutions in industry had to do with power, efficiency, and information.  Today our ability to use digital information and devices is what will set one manufacturer apart from another.

First off, Cloud computing helps manufacturers focus on building widgets rather than keeping up with quickly changing data technology.  The idea is that if you’re busy trying to make a few cents per nut or bolt that you make, you probably shouldn’t spend your time and money maintaining computing technology and data storage systems.  Leave that to the pros in the Cloud.

Secondly, mobile technology can enhance the manufacturing process by creating fast feedback loops in the production process and from customers.

And lastly, app building platforms can create apps much faster which can be used for collecting data and driving efficiency.

In essence, if your digital orientation is still set in 1995 while your competitors have read the charts and set course for the Digital Revolution, you’re likely going to be left behind.

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