Improving Perfection – 2015 Kalmar Ottawa T2

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A quick search for yard trucks or spotters or goats or mules will get you any number and variety of yard spotters.  You can find Ottawa or Capacity yard spotters from as old as the 1970s for sale.  If you look at the trucks from 40 years ago next to some of the more recent used spotters there is not much of a difference in design.  I would argue that it is because they found a design that works very well for most applications you find these spotters.  Whether that be distribution facilities, rail yards, ports, or 3rd party logistics companies.  They are simple machines that make life much more time and cost efficient for the user.

The yard spotter has proven it’s worth time and time again.  A simple testament to this fact is that the grand majority of the spotters we sell are 5-10 years old!  These trucks are still in high demand even after being used for 10 years!  It seems like the material handling machines have a certain amount of longevity that a lot of other kinds of machine simply do not have.  Don’t believe me?  How old is the car you currently drive?  When are you planning on getting your next one?  Chances are you will not own your car for as long as most yard spotters stay with their first owner or especially the second owner.

Now, all that being said, Kalmar released their newly designed T2 last year at the Mid-America Truck Show.  To the untrained eye, it looks very similar, but the new design of the cab is supposed to increase the comfort of the operator and increase the visibility making it safer to operate and more efficient.  It has some sleek lines and I personally think it looks much more modern than the older 4×2 cabs.

The trick with selling these machines used is that I won’t really have a chance to form an opinion on this model for another 5-10 years.  Hopefully, Kalmar knocked it out of the park on this one and when I see them, they are still just as good as the older model.  My test for yard spotters is the ease at which I can sell a 10 year old truck.  For now, most people are clamoring for the 10 year old YT30s, YT50s, TJ7000s, etc…

Time will tell for the T2.  In the meantime, check out the promotional videos Kalmar put together for these trucks.  The link below shows off the new model T2 and talks about the benefits and cost savings organizations can experience when using yard spotters.  We have plenty of used yard spotters in stock so call me if you have an interest in checking these out!


Video of T2 vs. over the road truck