World Record Holders, Kalmar, Do it Again!

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It is fascinating to see a material handling company committed to pushing the boundaries of what can be done in our industry.  After setting the world record last year for moving 103 tons with a reachstacker, Kalmar, arguably the world’s best high capacity machine manufacturer, released a press release that they received an order for not one, but TWO of the largest reachstackers ever built…the Kalmar Super Gloria DRG1300-92ZX.

In layman’s terms, the Kalmar Wow….



This machine can lift 130 tons…that’s 260,000 lbs!  What in the world weighs that much that a reachstacker would require that kind of capacity?  Glad you asked.  Kalmar received the order from a Spanish company called Tadarsa Logistics S.L.  They move and manufacture heavy wind turbines which can sometimes weigh up to 260 tons!

While driving on several of the freeways in Cleveland, you can see wind turbines peppering the city.  They are in the process of building wind turbine farms off the coast of Lake Erie, but I never realized how massive these machines are!  After reading this press release I did a little digging and found myself in a YouTube hole.

The video below shows a company called Amix using a barge crane to move sections of wind turbines for offshore wind farms.  It’s a great video and gives good insight into what goes into moving pieces of equipment this massive.

Kalmar Press Release – Super Gloria