Forklift Safety Instructions

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On June 9th we celebrate National Forklift Safety Day for the second year in row. This is an important day because we all realize that safety is a key concern for anyone using or around forklifts. In a span of seconds situations involving forklifts can go catastrophically wrong, leaving countless injuries and damage. In the video below are several cases of poor forklift safety.

Pretty funny right? Although we may get a good chuckle from this, these reckless people actually costed their companies a lot of time and money. Today we will list for you several ways that you can avoid situations like the ones depicted in that video.

  1. In our first case, the man operating this forklift drove to fast and neglected to look behind him (oddly enough it does seem as though he did this one on purpose).
  2. What a day for our second screw-up. Instead of taking the time to make sure his load was wide enough for the aisle he only spot checked it and this turned out poorly for him. This is a prime example of why patience is importance when using a forklift.
  3. Your local home improvement staff needs a refresher course in forklift proceeds. This employee does not allow the pallet to fully get onto the forks causing the mulch explosion that we witnessed.
  4. Honestly we do not know what this guy was doing, but obviously he should not have been doing it.
  5. Our fifth forklift fail is brought to us by the narrowed field of vision created when operating a forklift. This person also kept their load too high which blocked even more of their vision.
  6. Gunning it when in reverse often does not end well and this why. Be sure to maintain a safe and steady regardless of what directly you are traveling in a forklift.
  7. Making sure that your front fork is down when not moving cargo can be the difference between smoothly going through a warehouse and ending up on the floor like this poor guy.
  8. This is a throw back to an old instructional video of how not to turn corners.
  9. You do not to even be in a forklift to cause an accident with them. As we see in this example, where the driver mistakenly thought the emergency brake could hold the forklift still as they backed up. Had this unit been tied down this would have never happened.
  10. Where do we start with this guy, summing it up he should not be moving this lift on an uneven surface.
  11. Judging by the fact that our last guy is grabbing the cage around him, we assume that he has done this before. The load he is moving is too large for the height and angle that he drops it at.

Hopefully this guide has taught you some forklift safety and you can avoid an embarrassing incident like one of these.

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