The Future of Forklifts

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It is 2015, which is approximately 109 years since the first forklift was invented and yet this machine remains a giant in many industries. What has allowed forklifts to sustain such a long life and where will they go from here? Here is quick video of a Doosan concept forklift.

What does the Future Hold?

Many people have attempted to predict the death of the forklift over past years but continued large investments from companies like Toyota have showed the strength of these machines. So the question on everyone’s mind is where will forklifts go from here? Well this is tough question to answer, the belief of many is that companies will continue to make batteries more efficient and greener. An interesting idea from German engineers back in 2014 was to remove the back end of forklifts, making them automated and leaving only the two forks on wheels. The future of forklifts is rather uncertain and we are curious what you think? Will the forklift die? What will companies do to forklifts as we move forward with technology and time? Will concepts like the one from this video ever be made? Please comment and respond with your opinions!

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