Let the games begin!

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“Forklift rodeo” two words that you typically do not associate with one another, right? Well this is not the case for employees at Dot Foods who annually compete in a timed obstacle course around their warehouse. Just what does this look like? Well checkout some footage from their 2009 competition.

Employees fight their way through different qualifiers in order to end up at the national championship. Although this may not excite you as much as March Madness, don’t tell the Dot Food employees that. Although no one will be hoisting any trophies or cutting down nets you can be sure to hear yelling and screaming. The competition heats up as everyone has their eyes on the top price, a paid vacation for two. Dot foods does this annual competition to show their support and appreciation of their employees. Does your company let you participate in fun and interesting competitions like this? Or does your company display their appreciation for you in an interesting way? Comment with fun things that you have done at work in the past!