Product Review of GP50CN1

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Today I will be doing a product review of the Caterpillar GP50CN1, which is a 10,000 lb capacity forklift that runs on LP gas and has pneumatic tires. Below is the product tag found on the model that I was looking at.


Features of the model I was looking at included a cab (which are the doors that go around where you sit), an adjustable seat, A/C as well as heater, and gears for controlling the lift. All of these features can be seen in the below pictures:

20150622_091659 (1) 20150622_091534 20150622_091543

The comparable model from Hyster is the H100FT and from Toyota is the 8FG45U. Both of those models are also 10,000 lbs capacity and have pneumatic tires. So what makes these forklifts different?

Cat vs Hyster:
The Hyster H100FT is approximately 86 mm longer than the Cat GP50CN1 but the Cat is 82 mm taller (with the mast down). The engine of the H100FT is a little larger than the GP50CN1 which gives it 6 more horsepower. One of the biggest differences between these models is the max fork height which is 500 mm taller on the GP50CN1. Overall these models are very comparable and similar.

Cat vs Toyota:
The Toyota 8FG45U has 10 less horsepower than that of the Cat GP50CN1. The Toyota is about 500 mm shorter in length and 300 mm shorter in width than the Cat. Overall the specs of the Toyota show that it is a smaller model especially compared to the Cat GP50CN1 and Hyster H100FT.

Upon sitting down in the Cat GP50CN1 I first noticed how well designed the cabin area is. The seat was comfortable and responsive, and all controls were well within reach for a person of any height. The view from both the front and back of the cabin was not hindered by much, allowing for easy transportation. Also the windshield wiper was a nice addition, and may be overlooked by many.

Want to check out the GP50CN1 yourself? Head over to Towlift in Independence (or your local Cat dealer) and see what you think!