Forklift Battery Supplier Expanding

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Here at National Warehouse Equipment we are quite familiar with forklift batteries and recognize that Plug Power is a growing name in our industry. Recently many financial sites have rated Plug Power as a buy or company to watch as they attempt to expand their market. But how exactly are they expanding? And what is the technology they offer?

First I will attempt to explain what Plug Power does and the technology that they use. Plug Power makes hydrogen fuel cell systems that can be placed on machines such as forklifts and used as alternatives to gas and battery power. If this still unclear here is quick video explaining the benefits of using their hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Right now Plug Power is making a push to implement their systems into a wider array of machines and industries. The belief of many is that Plug Power will make a push in the auto industry, trying to make automotive manufacturers convert their production equipment to a hydrogen fuel cell system. If Plug Power is successful, a relationship with the auto industry could also lead to the possible implementation of their technology in commercial vehicles. This would sky rocket the company and secure their financial future. Whether or not this will actually happen though is uncertain, but the possibility is there. So should you add Plug Power to your financial portfolio? Yes, I believe that the chances of this deal going through are good and Plug Power is a name we will be seeing a lot more of in the future!

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