How To Buy

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See something that you are interested in on our site but not sure how you should go about trying to purchase it? Well here’s a list of what you can do to make our inventory your new machine!

1. You want a forklift but are not sure what kind to get, well we have you covered there! Checkout our guides to purchasing the right forklift for you!

2. Not sure of the difference between two machines? Check out the compare feature, which is found on the bottom right hand on every product page. This feature will let you compare the different aspects of machines by having them side by side.

3.We guarantee that everything we have pictured and listed in reports is actually how it looks when it leaves our warehouse and is sent to you!

4. For any questions concerning the condition of the machine that you want to purchase, first check the condition report (which often includes pictures of the machines), and if you have more questions call us anytime. We are always happy to provide more pictures, information, or anything else to assure your purchase.

5. What to come our warehouse and personally inspect the machine yourself? No problem! Call us and schedule an appointment.

6. Now you want to buy, what should you do? Well you have a couple of options here: 1.) you can buy online, by placing the item in your cart where you can either pay with check or credit card  2.) You can call us  anytime and talk to a sales associate!

7. How does it get to you? Like we say many times on our website, “We ship anywhere!”. When picking who to ship with, we always pick the cheapest and most reliable option for both parties. Once again if you have questions, please contact us!

8. Our service does not stop once your purchase is finalized, if you find something wrong or need some form of assistance never hesitate to call us! Here at National Warehouse Equipment we care about our customers and want the best experience for them.