Know Your Sources

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Buying the right forklift is a rather important decision for many companies, largely because of their cost and potential maintenance. Thus it is very important to research who you are buying your forklifts from. This is a lesson that a man in Texas recently learned when he got scammed into buying a forklift that was currently being rented by someone else. The customer thought he was getting a good deal, until he contacted a towing company that informed him this machine had been towed to its current location just hours beforehand. Police are on the look out for the seller who they have identified as Robert Duncan, who has apparently done this before. Here is a link to the police report that was given to NBC.

This is a point and case of why you should not purchase a forklift from just anyone, always contact a trusted name. Here at National Warehouse Equipment we pride ourselves on giving great service and always remaining reliable. A forklift is a large investment and that is why we recommend you work with a us, where your purchase is safe!



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