AGV’s at Toyota

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AGV’s or automated guide vehicles could be the future for many industries. As seen in the video below Toyota has implemented them into their production lines, which has allowed them to become much more efficient. Using AGV’s is safer and quicker for almost every industry.

Rather then using people, an AGV has a program placed into it that allows a lift to move on its own from stop to stop in the most efficient manner possible. This may seem as though it is taking away jobs but actually, as the video mentions, it has allowed people who previously drove these lifts to now do more meaningful jobs at Toyota. No complaints have been made about the AGV’s and with increased revenue I doubt that any will be filed.

The combination of logistics and forklifts here has revolutionized many factories and warehouses already, along with many more to come. The question is what else could be done to make this process even more efficient? How long until every industry is using AGV’s or some similar technology? Will all businesses see the same increased efficiency that Toyota did with this implementation?