Are You Smarter Than An Octopus?

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We all have either seen an octopus at an aquarium or even out at sea, but do you know just how smart these invertebrates are? Chances are they wouldn’t beat you in a game of scrabble, but these creatures can do a lot of other really interesting things.

1. When placed in a jar they can escape, completely on their own! Octopuses have no bones thus escaping from confined places is no problem for them! Check out this clip of an octopus putting its arms to work!

2. They would definitely beat you in a game of hide and seek! Camouflage is one of their specialties, and boy are they good at it.

3. ¬†Swimming is for nerds, that’s why the octopus walks on the sea floor!


For more about these interesting creatures, check out this article that the Huffington Post put on their site!

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