Improving Logistics

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Drones have long been considered “the shipping process of the future”, but how exactly do they find their way to your location? Well thanks to a new British start-up company called Locpin these machines will have a much easier task on their hands. Locpin is a free service that allows people to give a unique six digit code to any location on earth!

Along with the code are internal notes that assist delivers to get you your package safer and faster. But what sort notes would one include? Well say you live at a location where the sidewalk always ices over during the winter, you can include a note saying “Caution for icy sidewalk”. Some other important information that you may want to include could be your phone number, email, and other contacts.

What if you move, will everything be lost? Locpin says that when moving all the user has to is change their location in the Locpin settings and that’s it! No need to go through every site you order from and change your information, one simple move through Locpin and it is all solved.

So why use the service? By using locpin companies and consumers can have a boosted confidence that their package will not be late or even worse lost. Drones can use the code and pinpoint where they need to arrive and postman can be assured that they are delivering to the correct location.

Curious and want to find out more? Check out Locpin’s website linked here.



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