The Gender Gap

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The equality of the sexes has long been sought after and as we move farther along in world it appears as though we are getting closer to this notion. However there are still many professions in which the pay gap between men and women is still rather large. A recent article by Yahoo Finance points out the “5 jobs with the worst gender wage gap”. Below is the list that Mandi Woodruff of Yahoo Finance put together.

1. Financial Advisers

2. Physicians and Surgeons

3. Stockbrokers

4. Money Managers

5. Housekeeping Supervisors

Although it is shocking how large the pay gap between the sexes at these professions is, it is not shocking that it occurs in them. These are jobs that have long been considered “male dominant” and you would assume would take longer to reach equality of pay. However only time will tell if we will see gender equality in these professions.

Are you surprised by any of the jobs on this list? What would you have thought the top 5 were? When do you think women will see equal pay in these fields?

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