How To Calculate Right Angle Stack For a Forklift

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Our customers often need to know how much room is needed for a forklift to make a right angle turn.  Knowing this helps in tight spaces like machine shops or in warehouse rack aisles.

This is most commonly calculated for forklifts like narrow aisle reach trucks, stand up counterbalanced electric forklifts, and three wheel electric forklifts.  But this can be calculated for any forklift and often is.

Step 1 – Turn Radius

Measure or find the turn radius for your forklift.

Step 2 – Load Distance

Measure the load distance. This is the distance between the center of the drive wheel and the fork face.

Step 3 – Load Length

Measure how long your load is from the fork face to the end of the load. Even if the load doesn’t rest all the way on the upright part of the forks, you still want to measure the load distance from the fork face.

Step 4 – Clearance

Allow for a few inches of clearance to allow the forklift and the load to turn in the space.  This is usually around 6″.

Add it all together to get your Right Angle Stack

Turn Radius + Load Distance + Load Length + Clearance = Right Angle Stack


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